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Fall Getaway Idea:Photos by Mikkel Vang


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I can't believe it's already October but the heat in our Southern Cal beach town is not letting up. The coast is suppose to provide refuge from the heat, but it's only going to get hotter this week. Yikes!These beautiful images by Mikkel Vang via Agent Bauer makes me dream of a fall getaway. While I love being in nature, the thought of hiking up peaks and camping as I get older makes me seek other options (refer to my previous glamping post for more ideas). I admit I'm a city girl and not really in the best shape to handle those switchbacks, plus I don't do well in elevation. So a road trip to a beautiful lake surrounded by peaks while staying at a cabin seems more like my cup of tea. Okay there will be some hiking but definitely a lot of eating. I just gotta go catch me some fish and start baking those enticing sweets. Or hmm... who can I bring as my chef? And of course, we can end the day lounging on a boat...blissful!


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